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I want to thank and acknowledge A few people that have either personally help me or a script of there's was used here for this feedback form.

First up is Catalin Berta,he has personally helped with the form and the script used for it.This feedback script and tutorial is located here for all to use.This is a great , concise and awesome script made available for anyone to use.

Another place I found helpful was Roscripts , this is the original feedback form that I used.The whole script is located here and is at the bottom and is the link to "example 1" .This is a neat,consise and easy to add to script.

The last but not person I want to thank and mention is Stu Nicholls.He really has an awesome css based website that is totally awesome.He has tons of menus,photo galleries and other neat stuff.He has a few sites but the link above is to the main site and I suggest you visit to see what css can do.

This is my new website and hopefully this feedback form will help us understand what visitors are looking for and how we can maximize a persons visit.All questions are to help with site design and how to improve this site using the information from the form.

Please fill the form out to help us accomplish this and keep the web site relevent.

No information,questions answered ,email,names or any type of informaion will be used or shared.If you have a web site and would like us to give you a link then let us know in the textarea and provide the information to do this.If the website is deemed okay ( Not spam,porn or anything bad ) it will be linked too.